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Homaid Abdullah Al Shimmari

Chief Executive Office of Aerospace & Engineering Services
Mubadala Development Company


Homaid Al Shimmari contributes to the efforts of achieving the future vision and executing strategic plans of Emirate of Abu Dhabi, that focus on technological industries development in Abu Dhabi and UAE. He also supports Mubadala’s efforts to be a pioneer company worldwide in the field of aerospace and engineering services based on his role as a Chief Executive Office of Aerospace & Engineering Services of Mubadala.

He is a member of Investment Committee in “Mubadala” which is responsible of developing investment strategies and policies in the group, issuing directives and guidelines, and reviewing introduced projects and investments to align it with Mubadala’s strategy and goals.

Al Shimmari worked in many leadership positions in many companies in the field of Aerospace, Engineering Services and Defense Services. He serves as Chairman of “Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC)”, “Maximus Air Cargo”, “Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Co. LLC”, and “Abu Dhabi Ship Building”. He is also a board member in “Mubadala Petroleum”, “Masdar”, “GLOBALFOUNDRIES”, “Abu Dhabi Aviation”, “Royal Jet”, “AerCap Holdings”, “Al Yah Satellite Communications Company” (Yahsat) and “Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company” (DU). Homaid is also a member of the UAEU Council.  

To support Aerospace, Engineering Services and Defense Services, Al Shimmari paid a great attention to develop and improve national capabilities and competencies to have new professionals and leaders in this sector. He is also supporting other academic institutions in the country.

Before joining Mubadala, Homaid was a Lieutenant Colonel in the UAE Armed Forces, with involvement in military aviation, maintenance, procurement and logistics.

Al Shimmari holds a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, United States. He has also Six Sigma Black Belt certification from “General Electric”.  



Jun 1, 2017