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Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi

sHE Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi is considered one of the most qualified national leaders within the space industry, known for his leadership, management and strategic planning skills. He is an expert in communications, information systems and modern defense concepts.

Dr. Al Ahbabi has extensive experience in the development of human resources and is a strong believer in the UAE’s capability in developing world-class industries.

He obtained a PhD in communications from the University of Southampton from the United Kingdom in 2005, and a master's degree from the same university in communications in 2001. He completed a degree in electronic engineering from the University of California in 1998, in addition to many specialized military and government courses.  Dr. Al Ahbabi has also won a series of honors and awards over the years.

Dr. Al Ahbabi has tremendous experience in civil and military work and academia. He became a telecommunications officer for the UAE Armed Forces until he reached the rank of Major. During that period, he also worked as a coordinator for Dubai Internet City until 2000 then as a telecommunications officer for Sharyan Al Doea Network and a project manager for Yahsat military division from 2005 to 2012. He also helped establishing strategic projects including the innovation and development centre for the Armed Forces which allowed him to work closely with partners and stakeholders. 

Dr. Al Ahbabi has contributed and led numerous strategic projects in the ICT domain towards the benefit of the UAE government. He is also a board member of YahSat Company and of the UAE ICT fund where he chaired the sector’s development committee as well as projects committee. He is appointed recently as the Director General of UAE Space Agency.

Dr. Al Ahbabi is also a key speaker in a number of international and local conferences and events as well as media and press interviews in the area of space/ communication/ electronic security and modern defense concepts. In addition to the scientific and research contributions, he published more than (20 Scientific Papers) during his graduate studies. He worked as a lecturer (part time). He has an active role in ITU-R. He has worked also with international working groups to maintain the peaceful use of outer space.  

Dr.  Al Ahbabi’s hobbies are reading, running, swimming and falconry.   

Apr 27, 2017