Arab Countries Seats

The University accepts students from Arab countries only in the second semester (Spring) of the academic year.

Admission Criteria

  1. The minimum grade received in the secondary high school certificate must not be less than 85%.
  2. The secondary high school certificate must be new (recent).

How Do I Apply

Students should apply through their National Embassy in Abu Dhabi. If the student is nominated by their embassy, the student should then visit the University’s Admissions Department with the required documents.

Documents Required

  1. Copy of a valid passport & valid visa (for non-local & GCC students).
  2. Copy of UAE identity card.
  3. Copy of birth certificate.
  4. Four recent passport size photographs.
  5. Original high school certificate and a true copy of your grade 12 certificate.
  6. An equivalent certificate is required for private schools that do not follow the UAE government curriculum.
  7. Health insurance card for Abu Dhabi or proof of registration until the card is available.
May 1, 2017