Master of Engineering Management

Engineering Management is the Process of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, leading and influencing People and Controlling Activities which have a Technological Component. These functions require foundation skills from engineering managers to manage themselves, staff, teams, projects, technologies and global issues of importance. These requirements being partly technical and partly business related, the Colleges of Engineering, and Business and Economics got together and launched the program in 2006. The program focuses on product development, process management, Quality Engineering and Project management from the technical side and leadership, management of technical innovations, supply chain, finance and decision making from the business side. The knowledge and skills thus gained are integrated through an action project.

Program Objectives

  • Management decision-making skills.
  • Professional leadership and management skills.
  • Knowledge of cost, financial and economic analysis.
  • Knowledge about management of existing and emerging technologies.
  • Continued intellectual growth in the engineering field.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the designing process and synthesize strategies to manage designing an overall engineering system or product that meets desired needs.
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, engineering and technology in managing engineering processes.
  • Analyze engineering problems relating to Quality and manufacturing operations and Synthesize Solutions.
  • Understand supply chain concepts and apply them to improve the business’ overall and supply chain performance
  • Apply concepts to manage technological innovations and synthesize relevant business strategy.
  • Apply the accounting information for decision-making
  • Apply knowledge of applied statistics and decision techniques in managing engineering processes.
  • Analyze subjects with technical and business content and synthesize effective written reports and oral presentations
  • Apply theories of human behavior to analyze and evaluate the role of managers and leaders in driving effective employee behaviors in industrial organizational contexts.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 33 hours

Engineering Management

Required Courses (33.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ACCT603Management Accounting & Financial Analysis3.000
MEME621Operations Research for Engineers3.000
MEME635Project Management for Engineers3.000
MEME651Quality Engineering3.000
MEME661Engineering Process Management3.000
MEME676Product Development and Marketing 3.000
MEME685Action Project (Capstone)3.000
MGMT675Management and Leadership3.000
MIST625Management of Technology3.000
SCML655Supply Chain Management3.000
STAT609Decision Techniques and Data Analysis3.000