Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Concentration: Computer Science

The Ph.D. program with a concentration in computer science is to advance the state of the art in any area of computer science. The program covers an overall perspective of the field structure and problems. Students study at least one subfield in considerable depth, and contribute to the creation and consolidation of knowledge in that subfield through creative research. In addition, the program prepare students to be able to understand, formalize, and analyze new theoretical and/or practical problems in different areas within subfields of computer science or in the intersection of computer science and other disciplines. The University awards the Ph.D. degree in recognition of high-quality academic research that represents an original contribution to the field of computer science.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Will demonstrate the breadth of knowledge in the discipline and advance, in-depth knowledge in the sub-discipline or area of specialization.
  • Will have performed and defended an original work of research in their fields of specialization which contributed new human knowledge.
  • Will be able to identify, analyze critically and explain open problems in their disciplines and apply relevant research methodology for finding a possible solution.
  • Will be able to communicate the major tenets of their field of specialization and their work orally and in writing to the faculty, their peers, and the lay public.
  • Will be able to identify areas where ethical issues may arise in their field, and articulate strategies to mitigate situations related to ethical issues in their profession.
  • Will demonstrate an insight into the transferable nature of research skills to other work environments and the range of career opportunities available to them inside and outside academia.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 54 hours

Program Requirements:

Part 1: General Requirements (12.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ITPG701Advanced Design & Analysis of Algorithms3.000
ITPG709Modeling, Simulation & Performance Evaluation3.000
ITPG713Data Mining & Statistical Analysis3.000
ITPG602Research Methods in Information Technology3.000

Part 2: Concentration Requirements (Any 9 credits of the following courses.) (9.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CEPG701Advanced Computer Architecture3.000
CSPG703Complex Software Systems3.000
CSPG704Elements of Artificial Intelligence3.000
CSPG705Intelligent Agents & Semantic3.000
CSPG706Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing3.000
CSPG707Pattern Recognition3.000
CSPG797Special Topics in Computer Science3.000

Part 3: Elective Requirements (Upon the approval of the student’s Advisory Committee, the student may take any 3 CH 600 to 800 level course from any approved graduate program at UAEU, except for special topics and Master degree core courses offered by CIT.) (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours

Part 4: Qualification Requirements (0.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ITPG800Comprehensive Exam0.000
ITPG810Research Proposal0.000

Part 5: Research Requirements (30 credits) (N/A)

Credit Hours
ITPG900Dissertation Research  10.000
ITPG910Dissertation Defense0.000
1 : Min CH:0 and Max CH:9