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Course Transformation Process (CTP)

UAEU strives to adapt to emerging teaching and learning technologies. It aspires to create an interactive and smart student-centered environment. The university created two Smart Learning (SL) committees at the strategic and operational levels to plan and manage the smart learning transition. The strategic level committee is entitled Smart Learning Policy Committee (SLPC) and the operational level committee is entitled Smart Learning Operational Committee (SLOC). One of the goals of forming the SLPC and the SLOC is to draft the policies and procedures of the process of course transformation proposals. The SLOC is overseen by the CETL.

The CTP is a multi-year process in which all UAEU courses will be assessed to see the possibility of being transformed to SL-based courses. This process is presented as a framework within which course transformation proposals will be developed, submitted, evaluated, and implemented. The purpose of the CTP is to motivate and encourage UAEU faculty members and instructors to explore and adopt emerging smart instructional technologies and pedagogies to engage UAEU students in more active and interactive learning experiences.

Jul 1, 2015