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Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


The CETL will enable and support educators to innovate and thereby provide a teaching and learning environment that prepares UAEU students for life beyond university.


To help the university to ensure a dynamic and effective learning experience for all UAEU students by providing educators with professional development and support in educational technology, pedagogy and classroom teaching techniques, by encouraging and facilitating innovation, and by ensuring that assessment is an integral part of implementing new developments in teaching and learning.


  • Professional Development
  • Community of Educators
  • Teaching Excellence
  • Up-to-date Instructional Technologies

Goals (2014-2016)

  1. Assist, promote, and support faculty in developing and enhancing innovative teaching pedagogies and instructional technologies.
  2. Collaborate with colleges and other university units to support UAEU’s smart teaching and learning initiatives.
  3. Strengthen the CETL’s role as a collaborative, mentoring and faculty engagement resource.
  4. Conduct and communicate research into the assessment of the effectiveness of various teaching practices and innovations.
May 18, 2015