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Creating Your Research Niche

Workshop Details
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Tuesday; November 18, 2014
Room 1028 (Male Side), E1 (CIT) Building


Target Audience
This workshop is for graduate students (but will also be good for beginning and more advanced researchers) who need to create a niche (i.e., a place or slot) for their research project in order to justify their study and provide a rationale for it

Workshop Leader
Prof. Ali Shehadeh
Department of Linguistics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Workshop Description
This workshop is aimed at considering the various ways of creating a niche for our research. These include (1) finding inconsistent or inconclusive findings, or contradictions in prior research; (2) identifying an aspect, an issue or a variable that has not been controlled for and is in need of further research; (3) extending research beyond its existing territories or domains; (4) finding a controversy that may have been left unresolved; and (5) most importantly, your belief that you have something important or useful to say, or that you have an original angle or approach to something.

Using his extensive experience as a published author, reviewer and editor, Professor Shehadeh will take the audience along these various paths to creating a research niche. At the end of the workshop, the audience will be invited to think of a potential research topic of their choice and say how they have created (or would create) their own research niche.

RSVP by email to cgs@uaeu.ac.ae and include your name and College of affiliation by November 13. Seats are limited.

Nov 13, 2014