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December 2015

  • The First Class of DBA Students Defend their Dissertati.

    The first group of three (3) students in the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program in the College of Economics have successfully defended their dissertations during the Fall 2015 semester.The first student was Ms. Nadya Shafeeq Almannaee and her dissertation was on “Competency Model [...]

July 2015

  • A Second Class of PhD Students Defend their Research Dissertations

    A new group of PhD students have successfully defended their research dissertations and have cleared for graduation in AY 2014-2015.

    The 21 students are from 5 different colleges: 3 from the College of Food and Agriculture, 3 from the College of Information Technology, 9 from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, 3 from the College of Engineering, and 3 from the College of Science[...]

April 2015

Jul 24, 2016