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Modest Growth in Graduate Enrollment in Fall 2016

The statistics for graduate studies in Fall 2016 at UAEU show a modest growth in student enrollment despite a downward trend at the global level.  The number of newly accepted students went up by 16% (from 305 in Fall 2015 to 355 in Fall 2016), which includes 48 for the doctorate programs (37 for PhD and 11 for DBA), 8 for the PharmD program and 299 for the Master's programs.

Furthermore, the Fall 2016 enrollment is up by 5% (from 986 in Fall 2015 to 1037 in Fall 2016), which includes 196 in doctorate programs (123 in PhD and 73 in DBA).

The College of Engineering now has the largest graduate student cohort (270, up by 47 students) and the College of Business and Economics (226) and the College of Law (102) are in second and third places, respectively.  However, the College of Education has gained the second largest increase by 20 students (from 79 to 99).

While the breakdown in enrollment of Nationals vs. non-Nationals changed slightly (56% vs. 44%), we observe a more significant change in two other aspects: The percentage of full-time students jumped by 4% (to 48%) and the percentage of Female students increased by 3% (to 63%).

Overall, the graduate enrollment at UAEU has increased an average of 10% per year for the last five years-- that is up by 55% (from 670 in Fall 2011 to 1037 in Fall 2016), despite a minor drop after the introduction of new graduate admissions requirements in 2014-2015.

Sep 29, 2016