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The Graduate Student Ambassadors Get Organized with Ambitious Plans


Thirty-eight (38) graduate students have been designated as Graduate Student Ambassadors for the AY 2015-2016.

The Graduate Student Ambassadors (GSA) is a newly formed group of students representing graduate programs across the University.  The main role of the Ambassadors is to serve as a liaison between the graduate student community and the College of Graduate Studies on matters related to graduate studies and, consequently, enabling the College of Graduate Studies in particular and the administration in general to be of better service to the students.

The Ambassadors have been organized by colleges into 4 groups and, consequently, they have selected their leadership as follows:

College Group

Lead Ambassador


Fatima Sultan Al Dhaheri


Shamsa Al Mahgarabi


Susan Marwan Shahin*


Efstratios Svinterikos

            * Lead Ambassador for all graduate students.

Accordingly, each group has developed its own plan of activities for implementation during the Spring 2016 semester, with support from their colleges and the College of Graduate Studies.

Further details on the GSA are available on the CGS Portal or from the College of Graduate Studies.

Feb 1, 2016