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 Research Projects Effective 2017


Proposal Title


Principal Investigator

Whole Genome Profiling Of H4R3 Symmetric And Asymmetric Di-Methylation In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Starling Emerald Bright David

Molecular And Cellular Mechanisms Of Novel In-Vivo Potent Histamine H3r Antagonists With Antiepileptic And Procognitive Activity

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Bassem Shaban Hasan Sadek

Optimal Control Of Hybrid Photovoltaic/Wind Renewable Energy Sources Using Heuristic Optimization Approach

College of Engineering

Hussain Shareef

The Development Of A Construction Claims Management System Using Artificial Intelligence

College of Engineering

Essam Zaneldin

Performing Optical Data Processing With Discrete Solitons In Two-Dimensional Waveguide Arrays

College of Science

Usama Al Khawaja

Evaluation Of The Genetic And Structural Variations Of Camel Hemoglobin

College of Science

Ranjit Vijayan

Tuning Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia Using MRI Distributed Relaxation Model And Susceptibility Imaging

College of Science

Bashar Issa

Geospatial Modelling For Carbon Sequestration In Palm-Tree Plantations: A Case Study From Abu Dhabi

College of Science

Salem Essa

Impact Of Occupants’ Behavior On Energy Usage And Its Control Through Energy Management In UAE Residential And Office Buildings

College of Engineering

Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul

Developing And Experimental Assessment On Control Methods Using Less Dependent Mathematical Model For Heaving Wave Energy Converters Via Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

College of Engineering

Addy Wahyudie

Integrity Assessment Of Tube-To-Tubesheet Joints Used In Nuclear, Oil And Gas Industries

College of Engineering

Abdel-Hamid Ismail Mourad

Design And Implementation Of Fault Diagnostic Models In Large Scale Photovoltaic Plants

College of Engineering

Ahmed Hassan

Conversion Of Lignocellulosic Wastes Form Palm Tree To High-Value Chemicals

College of Engineering

Ali Al-Marzouqi

Cool Atrium/Skylights Concept Integrating Semi-Transparent BIPV And Heat Removal System For Enhanced Natural Lighting And Energy Efficiency

College of Engineering

Khaled A. Al-Sallal

Design And Preparation Of High-Efficiency Solar Cells Based On Halide Perovskites

 College of Science

Maamar Benkraouda

Development Of A Novel OHR-MNB Tool For Bioremediation Of Contaminated Groundwater

College of Engineering

Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed

Effect Of Zinc Supplimentation In Glucose Level Of Prediabetic Uae Adults: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

 College of Business & Economics

Zahirul Hoque

Characterization Of Mirnas Induced By Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus (MMTV) Infection And Their Target Mrnas

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Farah Mustafa

Deciphering The Mechanism Of Genomic RNA Packaging Into Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus (MMTV), A Necessary Step Towards Development Of MMTV-Based Vectors For Human Gene Therapy

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Tahir Rizvi

Design Of Transcriptome Analyzer Using Nanostructured Graphene

College of Engineering

Falah Awwad

Electrical Platform Identification Technique For Multi Cells Coexistence In A Suspension

College of Engineering

Mahmoud Al Ahmad


Feb 5, 2017