Chancellor’s Message

Dr. Ali Rashid Al-Nuaimi

The United Arab Emirates University takes pride in its achievements and prestigious position at both regional and global levels. Due to the unstinting support of the National Leadership, education has always been a strategic priority for the United Arab Emirates.

The University strives to meet the expectations and aspirations of the nation and society by adhering to the highest institutional principles, which includes respect for diverse values, national heritage, cultural diversity, integrity, transparency, teamwork, leadership, learning and effective decision-making and communication.

UAEU's strategic plan is derived from a vision of achieving, “leadership and innovation in higher education and scientific research and community service at local and international levels.” Its mission is to, “make a positive contribution to the progress of the United Arab Emirates through the provision of academic programs of international standards in both undergraduate and graduate studies, and to build local and international partnerships that promote the widespread dissemination of knowledge that provides support to the momentum of national development.”

The University plays an important role in many aspects of teaching, scientific research and community service. It is committed to qualifying graduates with highly developed skills and necessary knowledge to be both creative and innovative with an ability to compete in the labor market and take pride in their national identity.

In order to maintain the status and reputation of the University, UAEU is continuously reviewing and refining its programs, whether at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral levels. External evaluation of these programs at international standards ensure quality control of these courses. The development of teaching and learning methodologies, the use of smart devices in classrooms, the support of scientific research and development has all helped UAEU in obtaining global academic accreditation for its many programs and diverse colleges. UAEU seeks to maintain and expand the international institutional accreditation that has already been established.

To achieve quality control and optimum performance, the University is keen in attracting talented faculty and researchers. To this end, UAEU has provided special support for UAE nationals who wish to join its team. UAEU also delivers administrative and technical services of the highest quality, seeks partnerships at local, regional and global levels in order to contribute to a knowledgeable economy, achieves sustainable development, and builds a society based on the dissemination of knowledge and innovative ideas.


Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi
United Arab Emirates University

May 25, 2017