Chancellor's Award for Institutional Excellence

The leaders of the UAE endorse the culture of excellence throughout the country.

In line with this vision, the United Arab Emirates University strives continuously to achieve and maintain best practices in higher education, and to mirror the national culture of excellence.

As a result, the Chancellor's Award for Institutional Excellence emerged, to honor and appreciate the efforts of the most active members of the university community.

This award has served as a significant stage in the institutional development project.

Now in its second cycle, the Chancellor's Award for Institutional Excellence comprises four categories, as follows: The Institutional Excellence Category, Distinguished Team Category, The Chancellor Medal Category, and The Special Recognition Category.

The award is aimed primarily at improving the efficiency of institutional work, spreading the spirit of competition among units and departments, developing and building the capacities of employees, and qualifying them for the best management practices and provision of services.

The award seeks to raise awareness of the culture of excellence, quality assurance and transparency, and to transform this dynamic into an essential component of the university's work environment.

Recipients of this award will be considered to have achieved a credit towards the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Excellence in Government Performance.


To view the Award manual click here.

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Sep 25, 2017