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Program and Curriculum Office

The Program and Curriculum Office is responsible for undergraduate programs and curriculum reviews and processing, academic quality assurance, periodic program reviews, and learning outcomes assessment in accordance with the university policies and procedures. The office oversees the creation of new academic programs, the modifications to established academic programs, and the periodic external review of academic programs and their regular internal assessment.

The office works closely with designated representatives of the Colleges on the Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum Committee, the University Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, and the University Periodic Program Review Committee and keeps the DVCAA informed in the consideration and approval of curricular matters. The office also works closely with the College of Graduate Studies in the ongoing review of the quality and effectiveness of graduate programs, and with the University College on the development of the University’s General Education Program. The Chair of the General Education Committee is a member of the Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum Committee.

The office is responsible for reviewing and recommending updates to university policies and procedures related to academic undergraduate programs, coordinating the update and maintenance of the course catalogue with the Colleges, Registrar’s Office, and UITS. Additionally, the office supervises the textbook selection and procurement process including the review and revision of textbook procurement guidelines, and coordinating between Colleges and the DVCAA regarding textbook procurement.

Jun 24, 2015