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January 2015

 Dates            Events 
9 Jan Digestive Diseases in the Elderly Conference, Ayla Hotel, Al Ain
12 Jan Cognition Through Another, Philosophy Research Lecture, Building C1, UAEU
13 Jan GIS Career Forum, Great Hall, Crescent Building, UAEU 
14 Jan Honoring Ceremony of Internship Strategic Partners for the AY 2013/2014, Great Hall, Crescent Building, UAEU 
25–29 Jan
Nutrition and Health Orientation, UAEU

February 2015

 Dates    Events 
9 Feb Physics Activity Day, Building C5-H4,UAEU
10 Feb Philosophy Research Seminar, Building C1, UAEU
18 Feb World Disabled Day Exhibition, Building C1, UAEU
23–25 Feb      College of Food and Agriculture Festival, Building C3, UAEU
28 Feb–3 Mar 18th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Abu Dhabi


March 2015

 Dates                    Events 
2 Mar Philosophy Research Seminar ‘The Ordinary Language Case for Contextualism and the Relevance of Radical Doubt’, Building C1, UAEU
10 Mar Math, Science & Educational Technology Conference, University Social Club, Al Ain
12 Mar College of Education College Day, Crescent Building, UAEU
17-18 Mar   Seminar ‘Prevalence of Hypokinetic Diseases in Schools and General Public’, UAEU
25-26 Mar   The 2nd Career Guidance Forum, Crescent Building Auditorium, UAEU
31 Mar   Alumni Day, College of Food & Agriculture, UAEU


April 2015

 Dates    Events 
20 Apr Philosophy ResearchSeminar ‘Sincerity and Public Justification’, Building C1, UAEU
21 Apr Legal Aspects Pertaining to People with Disabilities, G020 - Auditorium (Male), UAEU
22 Apr The Occasion of Deaf Week, Building C1, UAEU
22 Apr Language Forum, University Social Club, Al Ain
28 Apr    Contemporary Marriages Seminar, UAEU

May 2015

 Dates    Events 
4 & 10 May Science Day, Crescent Building, UAEU
11- 13 May The 2nd Regional Conference of Gifted and Talented, Crescent Building, UAEU
29 May      Students’ Career Exhibition Day, College of Food & Agriculture, UAEU


June 2015

 Dates    Events 
21 June  Best Lessons Seminar, College of Education, Building C1, UAEU

Jan 21, 2015