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UAE Graduate Studies Research Conference 2016


Event:  UAE Graduate Studies Research Conference 2016

Date:  20- 22 Mar, 2016

Time: TBC

Location: Great Hall in Crescent Building and F3 Building; Main Campus

Patronage: ADEC & UAEU

A brief description of the Event: The GSRC is an exciting interdisciplinary academic event to share the research being conducted at universities across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and their international partners.  The main purpose of this conference is to provide opportunities for graduate students to share their research work amongst themselves, receive scholarly feedback, and network professionally. The event will also enable graduate students to showcase their innovative ideas and projects to various sectors of industry and government, and receive feedback on practical aspects that may enhance the value of their research. Prospective graduate students will be able to learn about the different research opportunities available at the participating academic institutions.

Web: http://www.uaegsrc.ae/

Mar 1, 2016