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Annual Research & Innovation Conference 2016


Name of the event:  Annual Research & Innovation Conference 2016

Date: 21- 22 November 2016

Time: 8:00 am -4:30 pm

Location: Building E1, male side, Auditorium, Invited talk in : 1038, UAEU

Patronage: Dean, College of Education

Description of the event: The UAEU Research and Innovation Conference aims to bring together UAEU Faculty, Graduate and Undergraduate Students and highlight their latest research findings on various topics in health sciences and strengthen collaborations in scientific research and innovation between the university and the various institutions/industry in the UAE. In addition, the conference aims to take advantage of the outcomes of scientific research and its dissemination  to the community as well as defining the role of the university as a leader in  scientific research and innovation.



Click here to view the program schedule.

Nov 15, 2016