Career Placement and Alumni

1. What services are provided by the Career Planning Services Center?

    • Career Planning Services

The Career Planning Services Center offers valuable career planning services that aim to assist UAEU students in setting goals and making appropriate decisions related to their future career. It helps equip students with employability skills and to prepare them for the world of work. The center’s services include: support in choosing a major; individual counseling; group counseling; career workshops; career assessments. Tests and career resources.

    • Internship and Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) Services

The Center for Career Placement and Alumni works closely with colleges to support the different internship programs at UAEU. Internship and Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) in the CCPA aims to build a bridge between the world of learning and the world of work. It includes the iWIL online system; iWIL pre-placement workshops; iWIL publications and internship partnerships for UAEU students.

    • Job Opportunities

The Center for Career Placement and Alumni aims to connect UAEU graduates with different public and private sector employers by offering an array of activities, programs and resources, including: job search opportunities through the “Job Navigator”, career events for students and employers including on-campus interviews, presentations by major employers, and career/ employer days for graduates. 

2. How to access Center for Career Placement and Alumni services?

Fill out a service request form in advance. These are found in the center in the Vocational Guidance Office on the second floor of building F3 (office No. 225: male students), and the first floor of building B3 (office Nos. 1007 and 1009: female students).Then make an appointment on a suitable date by calling: 8008238

3. How do I get the latest job vacancies?

Through the ‘Job Navigator’;

4. How do I get a graduate card?

You can get a graduate alumnus card by filling in the electronic application found on the alumni page;

5. What is the user name and password for the alumni page?

Your university ID number is the user name and the password is the same one you used for your university email. This also grants access to the careers’ page and electronic library page. If you lose your password, or have any other technical problems, you can contact technical support on: 037136111.

Jun 27, 2016