International Students Section

1. What makes me an International Student?

All non-Emirati Students studying at United Arab Emirates University are considered International Students.

2. What are the services that the International Students Office provides?

  • UAE Visas - where students are sponsored by UAEU
  • Health Insurance Cards (if eligible)
  • Fees for Medical Tests (Health Test and Blood Test)
  • Air tickets and ground transportation (if eligible)
  • Financial Aid (if eligible)
  • Resource sessions and information for international students
  • International Student Center Drop-In
  • Coordination with Student Counseling and Support Services
  • Coordination with Student Activities & Leadership Department
  • Coordination with Embassies on special events and student support
  • Coordination with Residence Life and Student Housing

3. My visa is sponsored by UAEU and is about to expire; how can I renew it and what are the required documents?

  • Original Passport
  • 1 Passport Size Photo
  • To Whom It May Concern Letter
  • Original Blood Test (AIDS) Certificate
  • Copy of Daman Health Insurance Card
  • Corresponding administrative Fees (if you are not eligible) 

4. My health insurance cards is about to expire; am I entitled to have it sponsored by the UAEU?

If you are UAE citizen and live outside Al-Ain, you can get Theqa health insurance card. If you are an International student you can get Health insurance card from UAEU if your residency visa sponsored by UAEU. 

5. Can I renew my passport through UAE University?

No, the international student should renew his/her passport by his/her own through their Embassy.

6. How can I be in touch with the office of International Students?

Location Email Telephone Fax
Female campus:
Information Technology College, Ground Floor, office number  G047 +971-3-713-6693 +971-3-713-6932
Male campus:
Al Maqam, Campus, Building G2, Office # 1003, First floor, Student Services Office +971-3-713-6693 +971-3-713-6932



Jun 27, 2016