Department of Residential Life & Nutritional Services - Male|Female

1. Do students from Al Ain and other remote areas have the right to stay in residence?

Yes; for Al Ain students each individual case is considered by the department as long as the student’s main residence is located more than 50 kilometers from the university.

2. Do new students have the right to move to other residential complexes?

New students do not have the right to move to other residences during the first semester due to the special programs provided during that semester.

3. Do students have the right to stay in a private room if he/she has a medical condition?

Yes; if he/she brings the necessary medical reports signed by the correct authority. The documentation will be presented to the Medical Committee for their recommendations.

4. Can I enter and exit the residence at any time?

  • Male Students:

Yes, the student can exit and enter the residence at any time; if the student is registered and a resident in university housing.

  • Female Students:

Female students are allowed out (within Al Ain only) from 7:30 to 21:00 from Sunday to Tuesday, but only twice a week unless there are exceptional circumstances (marriage, etc.) that have been approved by the Housing Unit.

The deadline for returning from Al Ain is 08:30 p.m. except in special cases.

Entry to and exit from Abu Dhabi Emirate with an authorized person is from 07:30 to 22:00. In case of delay, students should call the residential unit to explain the reason for the delay.

Female students are allowed out after 22:00 only if there is a family emergency or with a parent.

7. Who do I contact in case of emergency?

The Residential Life Coordinator, Assistant Supervisor or Housing Unit Supervisor.

8. What are the opening times of restaurants in the residential areas?

Breakfast 7:00 to 10:00
Lunch 12:30 to 15:00
Dinner 18:00 to 21:00
Iftar 17:00 to 20:00
 Suhoor meal 24:00 to 03:00 (Female) 24:30 to 03:30 (Male)


9. Where can male and female students go to complain about cafeterias and restaurants?

In the event of any complaint regarding cafeterias or restaurants students should contact the university facilities department in the Crescent Building (first floor) or call: +971 3 7136878/6882: email: fmd@uaeu

To complain about housing unit restaurants students should fill out the complaint form available in the restaurant and submit it to the nutritionist responsible for that restaurant. This is then sent to the Department of Nutrition to take any necessary action.

Oct 22, 2015