Special Needs Section

1. How you know about new special need student?

  • When applying (stated in their forms)
  • Brought themselves to Advisers
  • Teacher identifies

Referral by:

    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Other university staff

2.  How To Apply Student in special needs Service?

  • Contact Special needs office
  • Medica
  • Interview

3. What is academic service you provide?

  • Lecture Recodes.
  • Extra Time
  • Contact with instruction
  • Alternative exam
  • Other service relate with case
  • Early Class Registration.

4. What is assistive technology?

The technology, equipment or devices that individuals with special needs use to support them in different area in their life.

5. What kind of assistive technology the center have for visual impairment?

  • Braille Sense
  • Book sense
  • Fair View
  • ClearView
  • Eye Pal Solo (Reader)
  • ClearNote
  • Ibsar Software
Oct 22, 2015