Student Counseling Center

1. What is the purpose of the Student Counseling Center?

The Student Counseling Center aims to provide specialized counseling services so students can achieve a greater psychological, social and academic balance. This center helps students to face the difficulties and challenges they face in all aspects of their lives. 

2. What services are provided by the Academic Advising Center?

Academic advising is designed to help students identify the factors that hinder their progress. It provides academic and study training such as conservation and memory skills, time management advice, how to prioritize and prepare for exams.

3. What services are provided by the Student Counseling Center (Personal/ Psychological)?

The Personal/ Psychological Counseling Department aims to help students understand themselves and identify their capacity to develop skills and overcome weaknesses. It also aims to help them build relationships with their surrounding family members, friends and classmates. They also aim to develop independence and self-reliance.

Oct 22, 2015