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 Here you will find a collection of videos related to the United Arab Emirates University.



Dr. Lihadh Al Gazali, Professor and Senior Consultant in Clinical Genetics and Pediatrics at UAEU

A pioneer in genetics research in the Arab world, has dedicated her life to identifying and characterizing genetic conditions and abnormalities unique to families in the region.


Natural Antibiotics from Date Pits

Prof. Ahmed Hussien and his research team discover a method for creating a safer, natural antibiotic derived from palm tree dates, which promotes growth while simultaneously fighting against food-borne bacteria. 

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015

Artificial Liver “Serviceable Bioreactor”

Dr. Ali Alnaqbi and his colleague, create a new Bio-artificial Liver device with three discrete compartments which enhances the liver cells viability and functionality.

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015Nano-Metallic Alloy Delivery System for the Treatment of Infected Cells and Legions

The invention introduces a mechanism of using nanoparticles (inorganic composition) which have the ability to destroy bacteria for an extended period of time (biocide character). This can be an alternative solution especially for infections that requires long-term treatment combined with medical surgical intervention.


UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015

Spouted Bed Bio-Reactor System

Dr. Muftah Elnaas and his research team have invent an efficient and environmental-friendly method to treat BTEX compounds through specially- designed three spouted bed bioreactors in series.

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015Alternative Renewable Energy Harvesting

Dr. Mahmoud Al Ahmad from the College of Engineering, creates an energy harvesting loop system which enables autonomous self-powered devices/ sensors/circuits that harvest energy from the environment to power themselves.

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015

Apparatus and Method for Virus Detection

Dr Mahmoud’s invention relates to apparatus, systems and methods for virus detection. In particular, but not exclusively, embodiments of this invention relate to uses of nanotechnology and radio frequency techniques in identifying a type of virus.

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015National Research Foundation - UAE - 2008 - 2013

UAEU management and faculty discuss the importance of research, along with their research projects and support received from the National Research Foundation (NRF).

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015Professor Yousef Haik's New Carbon Nanotubes Invention

UAEU Prof. Yousef Haik creates a new invention that not only produces carbon nanotubes, which are the building blocks of advanced technologies, but also reduces our impact on the environment in the process.

UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015UAEU Students Develop Foot-Based Navigation Control

UAEU students develop a system which allows people to operate a motor control vehicle using only their feet.


UAEU’s Weekly Highlights 21-01-2015UAEU Researchers Make Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

UAEU Researchers Make Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment.               


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Mar 24, 2016