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Key Competences

1. Transport Infrastructure

The Transport infrastructure Department carries out projects related to roads, railways, airports, ports and other multimodal terminals. RTTSRC also provides consultancy services for infrastructure projects over their total project life cycle. These services can be provided starting from conceptualization, preliminary and detailed design, through construction monitoring and assistance with financing, management, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Further, RTTSRC provides development solutions aimed at improving the performance and competitiveness of the roadway construction industry for both the private and public sectors in the UAE. This includes human resources development, as well as the application of science and technology. RTTSRC has at its disposal a state‐of‐the‐art computer technology as a result of consistent investment in product development and the latest computer software and hardware.

2. Transport Policy, Planning, and Management

RTTSRC focuses on practical and knowledge‐based solutions in the field of policy and strategy formulation, integrated transport planning, management and modeling, transport policy formulation, economic and financial analysis, urban public transport systems, transport economics and finance, toll road concession and social upliftment strategies. Staff members have advanced automation and computer facilities at their disposal.

3. Traffic Management and Operations

RTTSRC provides integrated solutions encompassing assistance with the implementation of pilot projects and support for capacity building, strategic planning and policy formulation on traffic planning and operations. It has a fully equipped GIS and transport modeling software. Developments within RTTSRC are aimed at improving the operational effectiveness pertaining to infrastructure systems and operations, intelligent systems, public transport planning and innovation, congestion management & parking control, freight transport operations, network asset management systems and bulk municipal services. RTTSRC provides services to a wide spectrum of clients at central and local government level, as well as to a number of non‐governmental organizations and the private sector.

4. Transportation and Environment

RTTSRC is equipped with adequate resources necessary for consultancy services in the areas of; traffic impact studies, air pollution, noise pollution, energy impacts, economic impacts and economic evaluation and appraisal of transportation related operations. RTTSRC has varied state‐of‐the-art computer software and qualified personnel who are capable of providing training and consultancy services to both public and private sectors effectively. 

5. Traffic Safety

RTTSRC provides government agencies responsible for road safety with strategic, technical and analytical tools to enable a realization of the national traffic accident management objectives. It delivers training services to a wide spectrum of clients at central and local government level, as well as a number of non‐governmental organizations and the private sector. It conducts research and specializes in; road safety education, accident analysis and prevention, accident database development and management, trauma management, first aid, incident management and accident costing.

6. Technology Transfer and Dissemination

RTTSRC acts as a clearing house for transportation technology information. It also cooperatively undertakes technology sharing and high level research projects. Through this, it disseminates transportation information to all transportation business stakeholders.

Feb 18, 2016