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Safety Projects

Abu Dhabi Comprehensive In-Depth Crash Investigation of Fatal and Severe Roadway Crashes (HAAD Public Health) (3/2008 – 3/2011)

The study established a database of a fixed representative sample (200 crashes per year) of all fatal and severe injury roadway crashes, which take place in the emirate during the next three years. These incidents will be thoroughly investigated in order to understand the true causes and mechanisms which lead to severe injuries in deaths in roadway crashes.


Assessment of Traffic Safety Performance of School Bus Services of Emirates Transport. Ministry of Education/Emirates Transport.  (January- May 2010)

The study aimed at assessing the safety performance of the school busses operated by Emirates Transport.  The study carried out comparative assessment vis-à-vis international measures of similar bus operators in USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Also, the public and private school operators were thoroughly assessed.


The Use of Advanced Technology for Traffic Monitoring and Possibility for Privatization (25th Dec 08 –June 09), Ministry of Interior

Traffic monitoring process is one of the most important aspects of the traffic and transport systems, within the community management system. This study focuses on the operational side of traffic monitoring by the police to provide an opportunity to achieve the strategic objectives of the Government to reduce accidents and better manage transport in the country.



Reality and Requirements of Traffic Safety in the UAE, (25th Dec 08 – July 09), Ministry of Interior

The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the new traffic law through interviews, questionnaires and quantitative analysis of police data, to compare the new law with other international laws and evaluate the strength and weaknesses. It also evaluates the existing database system (s) for accidents and violations, investigates the adequacy and effectiveness of the accident database, and identifies the problems of the current  road safety system, reviewing the advanced technologies for improving road safety status.


Unification and Development of Standardized Technical Inspection of Vehicles (25th Dec 08 –June 09), Ministry of Interior 

This study aimed to define the technical details of vehicles inspection in terms of required inspection for each vehicle, the differences between new and used vehicles, petrol and diesel vehicles, light duty and heavy duty vehicles, etc. It shows the importance of the vehicle inspection program to the country’s economics, summarize the rules of vehicle inspection in the different UAE emirates and sectors, summarizes the Gulf Standards and Emirates Standards that deal with vehicle inspections, summarize the International Standards that deals with vehicle inspection; e.g. ISO standards, etc. In addition to studying and defining a developed and unified method for vehicle inspection programs for use in the UAE’s different emirates and sectors (e.g. importing ports, traffic departments, etc.).




Identification and Improvement of Negative Road User Behaviors (25th Dec 08 –June 09), Ministry of Interior

This study aimed to identify the negative behaviour of road users in the UAE, quantify/scale its size, categorize it, and priorize it based on size,and to understand the reasons behind negative behaviours such as aggressive behaviour. It also aimed to identify and assess the laws and regulations of relevance to the study in general and to the identified important negative behaviours in particular,and to identify the relation among the negative behaviours of road users from one side, and the accidents, and violations on the other side. It also identified from public and expert opinions the most effective means in limiting the negative behaviour of road users, and to enhance the traffic safety culture in the UAE society as a whole by suggesting cost-effective, well-studied, and justified short and long mitigation measures to limit the negative behaviour of road users.


Development of a GIS System for Traffic Congestion, Accident Classification and Pedestrian Accidents (25th Dec 08 –June 09), Ministry of Interior


This study aims to develop the current Geographical Information System GIS for the traffic, to manage and disseminate information more efficiently to reduce traffic congestion and to raise the level of safety on the roads, work on the maintenance of highways, roadway planning and environmental assessment of road projects and plans, and to study the classification of accidents according to their nature, location, and also to locate intersections and links prone to accidents based on the data.


Standards and specifications of traffic safety . (May 09- Nov 09), National Transport Authority 

This study aims to review the standards and specifications of traffic safety in the United Arab Emirates. The study presents a detailed review of some studies of traffic safety related to the topics at hand, and summary of the statistics for traffic accidents in the country and the economic implications of traffic accidents. A detailed proposal on the best method to determine speed limits on the roads, and traffic safety standards (applied and non-applicable) in the country was also developed.



Accident rates in the UAE, Causes and ways to avoid and standards and specifications of traffic safety, National Transport Authority, (May 09- Nov 09), National Transport Authority

This study aims to identify some elements of traffic safety features in UAE, and then lay the foundations for the initiative of a national strategy for road safety with respect to the road transport sector, within the strategic objectives of the National Transport Authority in the UAE.



Developing a Database for Roadway Accidents in the Emirate of
Abu Dhabi (Sponsored by Monash University Accident Research Center - General Motors) (2004- 2007)

The Center carried out an in-depth study for the causes of car accidents in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with the development of a comprehensive and accurate database at a high level. The project was sponsored by the Accident Research Center at Monash University, Australia, and General Motors - Holden, Australia, in cooperation with the traffic departments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the traffic department in Al Ain city. A wide range of data was collected from accident locations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and also from the vehicles involved in accidents, in addition to defining the severity of injuries to the victims of accidents. Also as part of that, project vehicle accidents were simulated using specialized simulation models. The project developed suggestions for measures to increase road safety as well as identifying sites most prone to accidents on the roads.



Emergency Response Services in the Emirate of Um Al Qayuain (2005-2006), Um Al Qayuain Government/ the Office of the Deputy Ruler 

The objective of this study was to identify the general rates of road accidents and fire problem in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, estimating the economic costs of the problem for the community and public health in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The study provided a set of proposals and recommendations for improving future ways to address the problems caused by road accidents and crises in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The outcome of the study also provided the necessary information to assess the economic magnitude of the problem in the emirate, and determined the economic feasibility of the proposed safety projects on the roads, as well as proposing the ideal system for emergency services in the Emirate and efficiency standards and performance required.

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