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Consultancy Services

RTTSRC offers a variety of services including gathering and documenting information in relevant fields, undertaking field studies and surveys, analyzing information on the technical practices of the roads and transportation sector in the UAE, disseminating technical expertise and knowledge through training programs, symposia and conferences, and developing technical research programs for the high‐priority projects in close relation to the UAE development plans.

Our work at RTTSRC is wide and varied and is applied to an equally diverse range of clients. Our experts are trained to use their skills across a broad range of transport issues. Our multi‐disciplinary approach, linked to our independence and impartiality is part of the Center's reputation that is built on the excellence of our people. Our integrated scope of services as detailed above falls into Research, Consultation and Technology Transfer.

RTTSRC is a registered consultant with the Department of Planning & Economy, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the roadways & transportation projects. It is also registered as an engineering consultant with the municipalities of Abu Dhabi and Al‐Ain; to provide consultancy services on:

-    Transportation Planning

-    Civil Engineering Consultation

-    Roads/Internal Roads

-    Traffic Engineering Consultation


Feb 23, 2016