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Development of federal policies and legislations of special standards and specifications for bus driver training requirements guidelines (public/ tourist/pilgrim transport/buses). National Transport Authority (January – July 2014)

This project aims to develop special legislations for public /tourist/pilgrim transport as annexes to the executive regulations of land transport laws with a view to regulating tourist transport between the emirates and international transport as well as the transport of pilgrims from / to sacred places, and public transport of passengers and individuals between the emirates and internationally as well.

These legislations tackle the requirements of licensing the transport of pilgrims, tourist transport of (natural persons/ corporations / companies /agents), and public transport of passengers and individuals (natural persons/ corporations / companies /agents), suspension or cancellation of licensing, the responsibilities and liabilities of related agencies (operator , driver, passengers…), modes and specifications of means of transport , operating cards and violation penalties.

Development of standards and specifications of vehicles of (public transport of pilgrims, tourist transport and public transport of passengers and individuals), including:


  • Safety specifications.
  • Vehicle durability and health specifications.
  • Passenger comfort and welfare specifications.


Providing safe, convenient transport of tourists, public transport and transport of pilgrims, raising the standard of all types of public transport , setting the political standards which the drivers are to adhere to and raising drivers' awareness of their responsibilities towards passengers, tourists, pilgrims and road users.

Setting the conditions and requirements that are to be met by the drivers of passengers, tourists and pilgrim transport vehicles, raising their awareness of the principles and ethics of driving, verifying the vehicle and applicable safety requirements, accident reporting, driving in rough climate conditions and raising drivers' awareness of related legislations and regulations (Traffic law, land transport safety requirements and the Unified Guide of Traffic Control Devices in the GCC States).


Bus Passenger Data Collection and Analysis. Department of Transport (DoT). (December 2013)

The overall aim of this research study is to assess the travel characteristics and origin-destination travel patterns of passengers using the existing bus routes through a survey provided to passengers.  The DoT wishes to use the results of the survey for bus route planning and to inform the policies needed to increase public transport mode share in line with the Abu Dhabi Strategic Transport Master plan (STMP). This study outcome will be information on bus users which will help the Department of Transport to establish a modern, attractive, cost effective, and efficient bus network. 


Development of the Marine Agency-RTA Service Policy Standards and Guidelines, RTA Marine Agency, Dubai (2008 - 2009)

This study aimed at establishing a benchmark for the RTA-Marine Agency in Dubai to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of its services for public transport. The study developed a set of policy guidelines with detailed recommendations on how to enhance the operational levels of service.




Assessment of Public Bus Operation and Services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. For the Department of Transport Abu Dhabi (February 2010 -June 2010)

The objectives of the study were to assess the existing operation conditions in general, identify loading patterns along the existing bus routes and stops, and survey the passengers satisfaction aiming to increase the use of public busses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  The study aims at ensuring that the DOT provides quality services that meet the needs of passengers and are consistent with the DOT’s enabling legislation.



Traffic Impact Study for Nadood Jeham Development- Near the Hilli Oman Borderline- Al Ain (October 2007 - January 2008)

This study conducted wide area surveys aiming to develop detailed micro-simulation models for the traffic near the border crossing.  These models were used to analyze the horizon year traffic scenarios and suggest mitigation solutions for the horizon years’ traffic within the study area of the Nadood Jeham Development Project.  



Al-Ain Center Business District Area Building Heights Planning Study, Al Ain Municipality- Town Planning/ Ws. ATKINS  (March 2007 - August 2007) 

The general purpose of the study was to estimate the potential future traffic volumes generated as a result of the several proposed ‘Land use change in Al-Ain’ and predict the impacts of the development on the traffic operating conditions of the internal and adjacent roadway infrastructure of the study area.




Al-Ain School Zone Traffic Study Directorate of Roads and Infrastructure at Al Ain Municipality- Department of Municipalities and Agriculture, (2006)

The study aimed at investigating the current and anticipated traffic congestions in the area and to find appropriate solutions, and merge them with the future projects in the city (Master Plan). Among the study goals was to examine the elements of traffic safety in the region and to find suitable engineering solutions for the road network elements to improve performance and raise the efficiency of traffic safety.



A Study on the Capacity Building through Cooperation in Developing Interregional Land and Land-Sea Transport Linkage

Location: ESCWA/ ESCAP Regions

Client:Transport Team within the Globalization and Regional IntegrationnDivision (GRID), ESCWA- United Nations

Study Brief:   

  • A strategic inter-modal planning model
  • Review existing ports in ESWA and ESCAPE Region
  • Develop detailed GIS Transport network for the ESCWA/ESCAP regions
  • Develop a detailed TransCAD inter-modal transportation planning model
  • Develop a network logistics plan and estimation tool for linkage performance & costing
  • Apply and test developed costing tools
  • Set recommendations on how to enhance the ports operational performance and border crossings to facilitate trading

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