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Student Housing Services

  • Assist with the placement of students in appropriate housing who live over 50 km outside the city.
  • Assist with the transfer of students between rooms and housing units upon request.
  • Assist with the fee process for foreign or graduate students living in residential units.
  • Remove graduates or withdrawn students from the banner system after verifying the payment of fines.
  • Prepare all reports and statistics about the number of the students staying in the residential units and submit it to the Deputy VC for Student Affairs office.
  • Answering all parents and students' questions and inquires.

Student Counseling Services

  • Answer queries about consulting services provided to students.
  • Assist with the registration of lectures, workshops and discussion seminars.
  • Issue certificates of participation.

Student Activities Services

  • Announce the program of activities.
  • Assist with the registration of lectures and workshops organized by student activities.
  • Assist with the registration of student trips and visits.
  • Issue certificates of participation for activities.
  • Assist with the registration of the “Yes to Volunteering” initiative.

Registration Services - Females

  • Provide a replacement for lost or damaged university IDs.
  • Issue “To whom it may concern” letters.
  • Modify and update student data.

Center for Career Placement & Alumni Services (Career Planning - Females)

  • Inform students of the services provided by the Career Planning & Placement section.
  • Assist with the registration of outreach programs and workshops, career assessments and tests, and group & individual counseling.
  • Issue certificates of participation.
May 4, 2015