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Academic Counseling

Aims to assist students become self-directed, independent learners by acquiring and refining skills necessary for university success. This service emphasizes the importance of effective academic and self-management skills while it also acknowledges individual learning styles among students. Through academic counseling, SCC aspires to help students make successful transitions during their university career and achieve to the best of their abilities.

Individual Academic Counseling

This service involves meeting with students individually for one-hour, weekly sessions for a period of 5-9 weeks, depending on the progress rate. Individual academic counseling typically involves the following components:

  1. Educate students regarding UAEU’s academic policies including academic probation system, and inform students of other academic support resources available on campus.

  2. Encourage students to follow up with their college academic advising units to learn about their academic status and discuss specific academic concerns with course instructors.

  3. Discuss goal-setting and individual academic (productivity) plans with students.

  4. Help students in gaining effective time management, smart academic habit skills, and assist students in creating balanced study schedules that match their academic needs and learning style.

Improving Academic Skills Program (IASP)

This group program assists students struggling academically and those on academic probation. IASP aims at assisting students acquire the necessary skills to address their academic limitations and achieve success. The program is offered several times during the academic year. IASP covers the following five broad areas:

  1. Understanding Academic Difficulties: Explains UAEU academic probation system and related implications. Using an academic needs checklist, students are encouraged to identify the academic challenges that they are facing. Factors contributing to low GPA are also discussed.

  2. Using Lectures Effectively: Covers strategies for making the most use of lectures including active listening and participation, critical thinking, efficient note-taking and maintaining optimal attendance.

  3. Effective Study Skills: Coaches students on reading skills, memory, concentration, and organizing information.

  4. Preparing for Exams and Overcoming Test Anxiety: Addresses effective preparation and test taking strategies. Test anxiety is also briefly discussed.

Personal/Psychological Counseling

The overall goal of personal/psychological counseling is to maximize student success by attending to student mental health needs and removing barriers to learning. Through personal counseling, students learn to take charge of their lives, acquire skills necessary for adjusting to the demands of university life, and overcome difficulties that may prevent them from meeting their academic, personal and career goals.

  • Individual Counseling:

Is one-on-one counseling with each student in weekly, one-hour sessions. Students are seen for a multitude of issues that range from typical developmental challenges to more serious adjustment and mental health issues. The duration varies from one student to another depending on the presented issues and progress in treatment.

  • Group Counseling:

This involves working with a small number of students who share similar concerns and treatment goals. Group counseling addresses either general or specific issues. This form of counseling facilitates a healthy exchange of experiences, provision of sympathy and support and the development of skills necessary for effective coping and problem solving. Groups typically meet once a week for a duration determined by counselor and group members.

  • Short Term Consults:

These are one time sessions provided to students, faculty and staff to address a specific question, or to increase awareness regarding developmental, learning, and adjustment challenges faced by students.

Consultations and Information

SCC provides consultations to University students about specific issues or concerns that are relevant to SCC’s areas of emphases. In addition, our counselors are available to consult with faculty and staff who are concerned about students experiencing difficulties. Consultations can be offered in person or over the phone. When indicated, we will also facilitate referrals to the appropriate campus or community resources.

Outreach Programs and Workshops

Outreach programs are an integral part of SCC’s mission. As the department is committed to its developmental and preventive objectives, these skill-building sessions provide structured information on SCC’s areas of emphases with opportunities for guided practice and feedback. An extensive, structured outreach program is planned and implemented each semester covering a broad range of topics. Some programs target select student groups such as new students or prospective graduates, whereas others cater towards the general UAEU student population. Outreach programs take place on campus, as well as in student housing units. Due to the increased response from students, some programs are offered multiple times during the academic year.

Jul 15, 2014