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Assistive Technology Lab

What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive technology is a collection of hardware or software designed to compensate for disability or impairment.

Why is it Important?
Assistive technology offers students with disabilities independence in reading, writing and performance. Such independence can increase the student’s work rate, help them achieve better performance, and assist in reinforcing a more positive self-esteem.

Assistive technology allows students with disabilities the same level of access to computing technology in support of instruction in the classroom.

UAEU Current Assistive Technology Labs
The Disability Support Services Assistive Technology Lab is equipped with PC computers that use assistive technology software and equipment that feature:

  • Text-to-Speech software
  • Screen reader software
  • Screen enlargement software
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and portable text magnification systems
  • Printer access for note-takers
  • Flat screen monitors
  • Braille printer
  • Braille sensor
  • Adaptive mice and keyboards.
  • Adjustable tables

Some examples of the specialized software also available on the computers are: Kurzweil 1000, window eyes and easy publisher.

Jul 15, 2014