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Our friendly and confidential support and advice are available to current students with disabilities who are registered at the University as well as to faculty/staff dealing with such students. The different support options available vary according to the specific requirements of the student with a disability.

The SNS works in partnership with faculty and staff in UAEU academic departments and other university services to provide different types of support for students with disabilities.

Support services include:

  • Review written documentation of the functional limitations and associated educational recommendations for each student.

  • Prepare an Individual Accommodation Plan or IAP summarizing the appropriate educational accommodations.

  • Help disabled students understand the academic support that is available and signpost other available services they may wish to access.

  • Refer students to other UAEU resources as needed.

  • Assist in arranging needed course, classroom, and testing adjustments; and facilitate the provision of recommended adjustments.

  • Arrange exam proctoring that requires specialized equipment such as the Kurzweil Reader software.

  • Liaise and coordinate with faculty/staff and other departments working with disabled students to discuss potential adjustment solutions including adaptive technology equipment options.

  • Support students’ learning strategies and enhance students’ self-reliance and independence.

  • Provide students with assistive adaptive technology devices on loan bases.

  • Administer training for students with disabilities, faculty and staff in the use of specific adaptive technology.

  • Provide a computer lab for students with disabilities.

  • Provide students with a cost-effective and timely production of print materials in alternative reading formats (i.e., Braille, audio texts, etc).

  • Advocate for campus accessibility for all persons with disability at UAEU including students, staff and faculty.

  • Develop collaborative opportunities with other UAEU academic departments and external funding bodies.

Jul 15, 2014