Placement Exam

The Placement Exam for the UFP English program is the CEPA English exam provided by NAPO. Most students will take this exam during their final year of high school.

CEPA English Exam Results for Admission

Students require a minimum score of 150 in the English CEPA exam for foundation program admission in the UAEU. Please see the Entry and Exit Requirements for information on how the CEPA English Exam score is used to determine your starting level.

Information about the CEPA Exam

The CEPA English exam lasts for two hours and tests Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. The exam is divided into three parts and there is no break time between the three parts of the exam. Exam instructions are in English and Arabic and the test is administered in two formats; either paper and pencil and computer-based.

Information from CEPA

Since 2005, NAPO has provided an on-line CEPA Practice Test for secondary school students. NAPO has developed more than 30 versions of the test to date and the Practice Tests, which include grammar, vocabulary and reading, simulate the actual test-taking experience. Statistics from NAPO indicate that on-line CEPA Practice Tests are very popular and improve students’ skills. On average, approximately 300 Practice Tests are taken daily in the Emirates.

Practice Exams

CEPA English Web Practice Information is available here.

Sep 6, 2016