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Entry & Exit Requirements

Entry Requirements

Students who do not have the SAT Math Test II equivalency to challenge out of UFP Math must take the Placement Math Exam before they start their first semester of study at UAEU.  Based on their score, they may be placed in a UFP Math course and/or given credit for one or more of the UFP Math courses they need for their college.

Students may begin study in the UFP Math program after they receive credit for the UFP English 1 course (ENGU 1401) either by:

  • Achieving 60% or higher in ENGU 1401
  • Achieving 160 or higher on the CEPA English placement exam
  • Achieving the UFP English Exit requirement (seeEnglish Entry and Exit Requirements)

Exit Requirements

UFP Math Program requirements can be satisfied by either passing The Math Placement Test, or the SAT Math Test II, depending on the student’s college. Such as, in the Colleges of Education (Arts Tracks), Law, and Humanities, a student must get at least 490 in the SAT Math Test II (in Level 1 or Level 2). For the College of Business, a student must get at least 520 in the SAT Math Test II (Level 2). For the Colleges of IT, Engineering, Food and Agriculture, Medicine, Science, and Education (Science Tracks), a student must get at least 590 in the SAT Math Test II (Level 2) in order to exit the math program.

Nov 6, 2016