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International Relations Department

The International Relations Department was established to support the University’s vision by providing leadership, raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education and encouraging global collaborations for the University community and the Nation. The International Relations Department also aims to ensure that the global impact of UAEU's world class research, enterprise and teaching is fully realized.

Functions of the International Relations Department

- Education Abroad

The International Relations Department seeks to foster new collegial associations and to create new international educational and intercultural opportunities for various groups within the UAEU community. The department also supports the Colleges and their departments that seek to promote their students on international internships.

- International Students and Scholars Services
The main tasks of this unit are:

  • To support international students and scholars in deriving the maximum gains from their educational and research experiences at UAEU.
  • To ensure compliance with the required laws and procedures of the University and to provide a smooth transition into the UAEU community.


Jul 30, 2017