University Outreach Department 

University Outreach Department (UOD) at UAEU is the official source of the University’s news and information. The Department is committed to strengthening the University’s image and increasing brand awareness among the UAE Community and internationally.

The Department manages and facilitates external relationships with the different communities including the Media, the government and the general public. Internally, UOD communicates the University's messages and announcements to faculty, administrators, and staff, as well as to students.

Our staff are dedicated to offering quality and timely support in the different provided services. The Department provides information and news about the university’s activities, events and achievements; coordinates the public and media relations efforts; develops the university’s main webpages; offers broadcast, photography and video production services; produces different university publications; ensures the proper usage of the University’s branding guidelines; supports all University on-campus events and ceremonies; and oversees the University community’s participations in external events.

Aug 29, 2017