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How to change the logo in templates

If you downloaded and installed one of the UAEU PowerPoint templates, you can change the UAEU Logo impeded into these templates with other Faculty or Department Logo. To make these changes you can follow these steps (PowerPoint 2007 and 2010):

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create new presentation using one of UAEU templates.
  • From the View tab, in the Master Views group, click slide Master.

Slide Master

Info: The Slide master is one of several master slides that are used in Power Point to make global changes to all your slides at one time.

  • In the Slide Master view, a blank slide master with the default associated layout appears.
  • Select the slide master, which is the first slide layout in the thumpnail pane on the left of the PowerPoint screen.
  • In the slide master, you can remove UAEU logo placeholder and insert the Faculty or Department Logo.
  • After you are done, in the Close group, click Close Master View.
  • Continue editing your presentation.
May 20, 2014