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Strategy and Future Department

The mission of the Strategy and Future Department is to provide high quality and timely support for the university’s planning and decision-making processes, and its reporting obligations. To achieve this, it provides analysis and advice, it has a performance audit function, and it serves as the university’s centralized repository of reliable information.

PAIDD plays a vital role in maintaining institutional sustainability through the efforts to anticipate, plan, and adapt to the evolving changes facing higher education; and through the insurance of proper alignment between financial resources and the institution’s priorities. To these ends, PAIDD works cooperatively with both academic and administrative functions to ensure that the various parts of the university are well informed with the reliable information that is required to carry out their missions effectively and efficiently. It also monitors progress in all areas of the university’s activities.

The Department of Strategy and Future is comprised of three interrelated sections that work together to advance the university’s mission. These are:

  1. Strategic Planning and Performance Management Section (SPMS)
  2. Quality and Institutional Excellence Section (QIES)
  3. Institutional Research and Analysis Section (IRAS)

Across these sections, we offer a variety of services directed at empirically describing and evaluating the academic, administrative, and support functions of UAEU, through data-gathering, analysis, evaluation, and reporting. In addition, PAIDD ensures that the university is well represented to external agencies by providing timely and accurate responses to reporting obligation from government, accreditation bodies, and strategic partners.

Dec 18, 2016