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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


To be recognized as a center of excellence in leveraging information technology to advance learning, teaching, research, and student development in alignment with UAEU’s mission and goals.


Our guiding principles include a focus on communication, collaboration, efficiency, effectiveness, research, outreach, service, and global impact in the field of Information Technology. We are committed to serve the needs of the next generation and our customer’s expectations in regards to the use of innovative technologies. As we look ahead, UITS’s focus is to create a future oriented, effective, and an efficient organization providing 21st Century customer education, mobile learning, and development as well as work in the field to meet the connectivity needs of our students, faculty, and staff.


We are guided by these core “ACTIVE” principles values as we serve the University community:

  • Alignment of information technology with the University’s strategic objectives.
  • Communication strategy which is clear and concise within the University.
  • Transparency to everyone within the entire University.
  • Innovative input to turn ideas and technologies into realities.
  • Value added to the University and its community by bringing information technology expertise in support of its mission.
  • Evidence which is the basis of all our decisions.


  • Customer Focused & Service Oriented: Deliver a first class, accountable and customer focused services that meet our community requirements at a justifiable cost.
  • Enable and Support Evolving Research Needs of UAEU: Cultivate, Support and e-Research Philosophy with up-to-date tools and resources.
  • Collaboration & Efficiency through Information Sharing: Enable easy, secure collaboration with partners at UAEU, with federal institutions and across the globe.
  • Support Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Reorganize, enhance and support excellence in teaching and learning to both faculty and students by providing a wide-range of technologies to improve the learning expertise.
  • An Adaptable Organization: Create a culture and continually re-evaluate our sector’s focus.
Apr 29, 2015