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Green IT


The commitment to reduce environmental impact and power consumption are becoming increasingly important objectives for IT organizations. UAE University emphasized the importance of Green computing by adapting sustainable aspects of Green IT that have huge impact on the environment. As computing becomes increasingly pervasive for United Arab Emirates University, the energy consumption attributable to computing is climbing every second. The University Information Technology Sector (UITS) is continuously developing ways to reduce the environmental impact of our IT use. We are committed to a more sustainable way of working and as a result over the past three years there has been significant improvement into UAEU Green IT environment. UITS has implemented several Green Initiatives and is working towards an objective whereby the initiatives become widely used practices on all of our campuses. There are many new Green beginnings that UITS is aspiring to introduce on campus. We are committed to reducing carbon footprint for IT through the promotion of sensible and practical changes to the way we all work. By working together we can
help reduce the impact on the environment. Some of the implemented
and future initiatives are described in following sections.

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Jul 25, 2017