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Faxing is another technology largely used in UAEU day-to-day office communications with third parties. Traditional fax machines use a significant amount of toner and ink, as well as going through piles of paper. It is very hard to control that what Faxes should be printed out on paper because these devices automatically print all incoming messages, which in result do so much wastage of papers. Similarly, maintaining and recycling of such physical machines are not very friendly to environment. Three years back UAEU took the action to combat this problem and introduced a solution called RightFAX, which allows users to send & receive faxes on a laptop, desktop, tablet or even smartphone. This way, it is easy to only print the messages that require paper copies, which lead to meaningful reductions in paper, ink and toner use. It is a collective effort by all staff members to increase the energy efficiency right from their offices.

The ultimate goal for having eFAX deployment is to have a paperless organization, this will be enforced in future by implementing policies in phases where employees will be restricted to print documents wherever possible.

May 29, 2014