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Unified Infrastructure

This is another one of the major green initiatives taken by UAEU. Usually faculty members and administrative staff were bound to travel domestically and internationally for their research and HR related needs. Now by having the video conferencing and telepresence facility on board across the UAEU campuses, users are able to virtually meet face by face around the globe, which in result reduce the greenhouse gas emission related to travel, increased satisfaction and efficiency.

Voice over IP (VoIP) has also added another major value towards green campus initiative. It reduces the telephony wiring infrastructure by sharing the existing Ethernet copper which was designed for data only in past. Now instead of having two or more separate cables, every type of data communication is passing through one efficient cable media which is capable to carry data, voice with quality of service. Other benefits on top of this single wire infrastructure is the capability of sending electric power parallel with voice and data traffic. Usually in past organizations was having a power and data outlet for each IP Phones, Wireless Access point, CCTV camera etc. but this is not the case in UAEU as our infrastructure is designed in a way to carry all such loads on one wire to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Moving forward in future, UAEU is planning to provide more and more facilities on smart devices like mobile phone and tablets. Our goal is to remove physical desk phones from each employee office and have them connected through soft phone clients. This will help a lot in saving cost, mobility and of course a healthy work environment.

Jul 25, 2017