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UAEU App for wearable devices

The mobile technologies have been around in UAEU campuses for more than a decade, thus the University has made a strategic decision and has devoted a lot of energy of the impact of mobile technologies on student teaching and learning services. The UAEU Mobile Application was the first step and now UAEU App for wearable devices is a continuation of this work.

The major objective of this application is to increase interaction and communication within UAEU and outside UAEU community to provide cost-effective, timely and accurate information thus enhancing student learning experience & improving customer satisfaction.

The UAEU App for wearable devices plays a strategic role and is in line with the University’s goal of placing students at the center of the University experience and also with the UAE Smart Government vision.

Service available to:

Faculty members, students, staff and general public

How to install:

  1. Need to have UAEU mobile app installed on the iPhone. For details as how to install UAEU mobile app please use the URL below. Please make sure that you have the latest version of mobile app installed on your iPhone.


  2. Apple watch must be paired with the iPhone and connected through Bluetooth with your iPhone device. UAEU app for wearable device will be automatically installed on your apple watch.

UAEU App Watch

1.  Student Academic calendar, 

 2. Latest Information about academic programs

(Graduate and Undergraduate programs offered by UAE University Colleges)

3. UAEU Latest News and Updates

4. All about UAE University ( Contact details, Facts & Figures )

5. All important notifications to UAEU community (Students/Faculty and staff) 

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Dec 29, 2015