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facilities and services
Health Club
The world- class facilities
• Two state-of-the-art
• Two Olympic-sized
swimming pools
• Indoor sports halls
• Squash, volleyball and
badminton courts
• Basketball and tennis courts
• Outdoor training felds
• Group exercise classes
The main library and the
National Medical Library
provide access to an array
of information sources
• Books
• ebooks
• ejournals (the largest
collection in the Arab world)
• Databases
• Manuscripts
• Microforms
• Audio-visual collections
Labs & IT
UAEU offers unrivalled
laboratories and training
facilities equipped with the
latest teaching and research
• Science labs
• Multi-media labs
• Language labs
• Nutrition & health labs
• Engineering labs
• Medical labs with a20,000m²
clinical skills and simulation
training center
• IT labs
• Trading room
• Court rooms
Restaurants &
Retail Outlets
• Two foodcourts
• Individual cafes
• Two supermarkets
• Beauticians
• Retail stores
• Banking facilities
Student Services
• Academic advisors
• Student counseling
• Healthcare
• Information technology
support services
• Special needs support
• Student success center
• Career planning &
• Financial aid
• Transportation
• Alumni services
• International student
UAEU provides modern
on-campus and off-campus
housing that includes:
• Shared and single rooms
• Mosques
• Gyms
• Social clubs
• Lounges with cable TV
• Kitchens
• Laundry rooms
• Internet connection
• Cleaning & food services
• Resident Life Coordinators
(RLCs) who aim to provide a
nourishing, supportive and
friendly environment.
Student Activities
& Clubs
The Sports and Recreational
Activities Unit offers an
array of activities and sports
programs that include
aqua aerobics, self-defense,
meditation, swimming,
psychological health, body
energy, athletics, squash,
football, volleyball, basketball,
tennis, table tennis, boxing,
kickboxing, chess and billiards.
The Theatre & Fine Arts
Unit’s activities include
music, theatrical events,
art exhibitions, visual arts,
photography, poetry, and story
In addition to this there
are a range of cultural and
heritage activities and over 40
student clubs and societies on
Nov 23, 2014