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Email Account

In our efforts to provide the best services to our users, UITS is pleased to announce the implementation of the new E-mail system using Microsoft Exchange. The new email system is user friendly and allows better and faster communication as it offers many features which are not available to us in the current email system, such as:

  • Access to your e-mail, calendars and contacts using a variety of clients (Outlook, Entourage, Web) and devices (Workstations, Laptops, Mobile Devices) anywhere and anytime.
  • Familiar Microsoft Office Outlook experience using different devices and clients with no requirement for extra software or services.
  • Ability to share your Calendar with anyone.
  • The e-mail environment is fully redundant (highly available 24/7).
  • The size of the mail boxes for Faculty and Staff will be increased from 300 MB to 2 GB and to 500 MB for Students.
  • Integrated Antivirus solution that will detect viruses, even those in the mailbox.

Service available to:

Students, Staff, Faculty Members, Departments and Visitors.

Getting an account:


To get an email account , the user should refer to relevant department depends on the user's status:

  • New Faculty and Staff: Once contract is signed, email request form is obtained from HR (Welcome package).
  • New Students: All of UAEU students will receive their unique UAEU account detail once they will join the university from “Admission and registration department”.


  • Deleted emails:
    • Emails older than 7 days in “Deleted Items” folder will be permanently deleted.
  • Junk emails:
    • Emails  older than 30 days in “Junk E-mail” folder will be permanently deleted.



Here is a list of what you can do with this service and how you can use it:

  1. Can I change my email UserId?
  2. Which password I should use to log into my email and How do I change it ?
  3. How do I Create a Signature for my Messages?
  4. When I try to send a message to multiple recipients, I get this message: Microsoft Outlook Web Access does not recognize "address,address".
  5. What is the maximum size of attachment I can send?
  6. Why am I getting warning messages from the System Administrator about my mailbox size?
  7. Is it possible to recover items recently emptied from my Deleted Items Folder?
  8. Can I view attachments with Outlook Web Access?

For more FAQ, click here  (PDF, 4.23 MB)