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Department of Leadership and Organizational Agility


The Department of Leadership and Organizational Agility (LOA) was established to equip students with contemporary concepts and methods of business administration, through an interactive approach.

Faculty in the department contribute extensively in teaching a variety of business courses, including the Bachelor of Business Administration program (BBA) concentration in Human Resources Development and Management, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

The department has highly qualified faculty and instructors who employ the most up-to-date pedagogical and technological methods in their teaching and learning. The department has produced over 3000 alumni since 1990, many of whom work in prestigious international and national organizations.

The Department actively encourages student involvement in extracurricular activities, with many business clubs established by our students. These clubs are run by the students themselves and work as a bridge between students, academics, graduates and the business world and are often engaged in a great variety of fun and productive activities.

Whether you are a prospective student, an academic interested in our teaching or research programs, or simply browsing, we hope that you will find the information you need. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Mohammed Al Waqfi
Chair of Department of Leadership and Organizational Agility


Leadership development, stimulating organizational agility, and developing talent for sustained employability

  • Focusing on transformational leadership and agility at individual and organizational levels.
  • Integrated talent and career development trajectories as part of the degree programs.
  • Service to other Colleges and the University’s Career Service (hybrid model)
  • Personal development and employability research and activities


The Department of Leadership and Organizational Agility (LOA) is actively involved in field-based research involving the UAE’s local government and private business organizations and has been successful in establishing itself as a leader in problem-solving for local businesses, through research-based innovative solutions.

Faculty in the Department produce research on a broad range of topics and issues, including strategic management, production & operations management, logistics and supply chain management, transportation science, operations research in developing countries, decision making and optimization, logistics in emerging markets, employment equity, e-learning & e-commerce, human resource management, human resource management in developing economies, transportation science, diversity management, innovation management, entrepreneurship & creativity, international marketing, negotiations, and cross-cultural management. organizational behavior, international joint ventures, customer relationship management, new product and technology development, online retailing, consumer behavior, project management, Project Business, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, information technology acceptance, usability, virtual teams and electronic commerce.

Research in the department is of the highest standard, with faculty members regularly publishing in top international journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Business Research, Transportation Science, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Decision Support Systems to name just a few.

Academic Programs


Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Extension
Dr. Mohammed AlWaqfi Associate Professor, Chair mwaqfi@uaeu.ac.ae 5264
Prof. Darwish A. Yousef Emeritus Professor dayousef@uaeu.ac.ae 5210
Dr. Abdul Karim Khan Associate Professor abdul.karim@uaeu.ac.ae 5223
Dr. Thouraya Labben Associate Professor thouraya.labben@uaeu.ac.ae 5696
Dr. Hanan Al Mazrouei Associate Professor h.almazrouei@uaeu.ac.ae 5209
Dr. Rashed Al Zahmi Associate Professor alzahmi@uaeu.ac.ae 5286
Dr. Samina Quratulain Associate Professor squratulain@uaeu.ac.ae 5220
Dr. Khaldoun Ababneh Associate Professor kababneh@uaeu.ac.ae 6512
Dr. Mohammed Al Suwaidi Assistant Professor malsuwaidi@uaeu.ac.ae 5266
Ms. Mary Precy Aguilar  Instructor marylego@uaeu.ac.ae 5269
Ms. Zeineb Khalfallah Instructor zeineb.k@uaeu.ac.ae 5265


Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name  Position Email Ext.
Dr. Mohammed Al Waqfi Chair, Dept. of Leadership and Organizational Agility  mwaqfi@uaeu.ac.ae 5264
Fatima Al Breiki Secretary, Dept. of Leadership and Organizational Agility  fatima.saleh@uaeu.ac.ae  5231

General Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in Leadership and Organizational Agility Department. We welcome your query and encourage you to contact us using the information below:

College of Business & Economics,
United Arab Emirates University,
P.O.Box 15551, Al Ain, UAE
Tel: 03- 713 5231


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