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UAEU Annual Report
Our responsibility includes the
development of our communities as
well as our own staff and students. In
2011/2012 we have seen a phenomenal
rate of professional development and
training, in Continuing Education, in
serving students with special needs, in
reaching out to high schools, and in our
work with over 54,000 UAEU alumni.
As the UAEU transformation program
matured during the past year, some
significant changes in leadership of the
university occurred, with Professor Dr.
Mohamed Yousif Hasan Baniyas, UAEU’s
former Vice Provost for Medical Science
and Dean of Medicine, being appointed
as Provost.
The lifeblood of any university is its
students and the UAEU is no exception,
as it focuses on improving caliber
and capabilities of students. Campus
life provides students with many
opportunities to learn, experiment, grow,
and develop, all in a safe, secure and
nurturing environment. The UAEU is
in a unique position in having nearly ¾
of our students in residence, providing
a great opportunity for enhancing
the whole university experience. Our
students have responded well, winning
local and international awards, travelling
internationally and locally, participating in
numerous social clubs and activities, and
reaching out to those less fortunate than
themselves through both volunteering
and fundraising, with the Abu Dhabi
Science Festival being a notable
The UAEU maintained connections and
boosted ties with international partners
and collaborators. Existing and historical
co-operations have been augmented
by new partnerships with leading
institutions internationally, including the
University of Cambridge, University of
Oxford, John Hopkins University, the
National University of Malaysia, University
of Cincinnati, George Washington
University, EWHA University of Korea,
University of Ningxia in China, and
DASSAULT Aviation, among many others.
Within the United Arab Emirates, UAEU
has further positioned its expertise as
a center of research for the benefit
of the nation’s industries and future
generations. Strong research groups at
the UAEU support emerging industries
and companies, such as Strata, ADEC,
Tawazun, ATIC, Global Foundries,
Mubadala, Abu Dhabi Health Services
Company, the Health Authority of Abu
Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority, Abu
Dhabi Municipality, and Oasis Hospital in
Al Ain – and many others.
UAEU expanded its relationship with
other institutions in the UAE. UAEU is a
partner in a nation-wide iPad initiative,
in collaboration with Zayed University
and the Higher Colleges of Technology.
This initiative promises to change the
nature of teaching and learning in
foundation programs across the country.
Similarly, fruitful collaboration with other
institutions have strengthened through
cooperative initiatives, with both Masdar
Institute, and Khalifa University.
The administrative support systems
of UAEU have been streamlined and
maximized for efficiency by automation,
with the implementation of technological
tools, like ePayment, eRegistration,
eTendering, Bank Reconciliation, and
others contributing greatly to this goal.
The many accomplishments presented in
this Annual Report explain why so many
faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni
and community members feel great pride
in the UAEU.
UAEU is committed to continue on
this pathway… to capitalize on the
opportunities afforded by our great
campus and facilities, our excellent staff
and teachers, our research activity,
and our national and international
partnerships to provide a world-class
education to our students.
The most recent steps taken in this
direction are presented in the following
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017