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UAEU Annual Report
High-Tech Support
In important developments to augment
the administration of services to the
physical facilities, the Khadamat Audit
trail data is used to seamlessly generate
reports on student access required by
the Departments of Housing and Day-
Alumni Research Website
The College of Humanities and Social
Sciences launched a website to provide
access for mutual communication
between the College and the UAE
Society on one hand and its alumni on
the other. The website will also serve as
a forum for the presentation of teaching
and research activities in Arabic.
Technology Support Services (TSS)
TSS played a major role in coordinating
and supporting major events and
activities of Student Affairs in terms of
hardware, software, web, multimedia
and graphic design in support of utilizing
the new facilities.
New Student Orientation
‘The Pride of the UAE’ new student
welcome program made use of the large
conference halls in the Crescent Building
and the program involved scores of
student volunteers and audio-visual
material, while the updated ‘Marhaba
Alsaa’ website, brochures, banners, the
very successful Parents Night, and the
coordination between different UAEU
departments ensured that the freshman
students felt the warm welcome into the
UAEU family.
Information Technology by Numbers
• Data storage capacity is 1.81523872 × 1014bytes
• An Average of 2.4 Million Directory access requests per day.
• There are over 200 virtual servers
• There are over 180 physical servers
• Average Page view per day :
84,252 pages
Total UAEU web Page Views :
39,836,598 page views
• Total Hits :
242,874,201 Hits
• Most Active date (13, May, 2012) :
1,112, 122 Hits
• Total Web data Transfer Kbytes :
3,619,885,993 Kbytes
• Number of Visitors : 317,819 Visitors
• 5000 users download the UAEU mobile App.
• An average of 14500 user login per week in Blackboard Mobile App.
• 68456 number of user in learning management system (Blackboard)
• 99048 Average page view per day in learning management system (Blackboard)
• 600 legacy desktops machines were replaced with the high performance desktops.
• Total 1.87 Million of internal / external telephone calls with total call duration of 54,222 hours.
• There were over 360 Video conferencing academic / administrative sessions.
• 7558 support cases successfully resolved additionally 19621 telephone calls and around 15000
emails landed @ IT helpdesk within this year.
• Uptime of 99.98 percent
• Total internet Traffic (in) via Etisalat : 710,892,755,771 KByte
• Total UAE Research Network (Ankabut – Traffic in): 4,278,350,590 Kbyte
• 375 Managed Network Rooms
• 980 Managed Network devices
• 2.5 Million meters of managed CAT 6 Cable
• 150 KM of Managed Fiber Optic Cable
• 11307 efax pages were sent annually
• 7029 efax pages were received annually
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