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UAEU Annual Report
Office. It also: promoted resources in
the Children›s Corner through literacy
programs; offered orientation tours
presented to high school students;
provided training in library management
to public librarians from the northern
Emirates, military and police personnel,
and staff of agencies; undertook
general orientation for users in library
and Internet use, especially in finding
relevant information for their personal or
professional growth; and responded to
requests from throughout the UAE for
resources that are only available at UAEU.
Extension and Continuing
Engineering Initiatives
The College of Engineering engaged
with Mubadala Development Company
seeking to establish a B.Sc. and M.Sc.
Aerospace Engineering program at
UAEU. In association with the College of
IT, they also worked with ATIC & Global
Foundries to establish integrated circuit
design and manufacturing capability
within the University. .
Continuing Education Center (CEC)
The CEC continues its active involvement
in the community by delivering 121
training programs reaching 2,506
trainees and totaling 3,310 contact hours
of instruction.
business in the US, English language
study, linguistics, and K-12 literacy.
SMART Program
UAEU’s Seminars in Mastering the Arts
(SMART) program continued to be an
enormously popular and successful
innovation. With the University’s English
Department, the SMART Program
engages with Emirati society and
community organizations as well as with
international partners such as CUNY and
NYU. The program also fosters links and
exchanges with Beijing University, the
Beijing Academy of Dance, and Ningxia
In 2011/2012 there were performances
by the German Opera Soprano Maria
Glueck, the renowned choir from
Cambridge University, the Göethe
Institute – “Guitar meets Oud», the
German Day “Jazzing the Gulf�?, the
Peking Opera, and Dr. Roger Craik.
UAEU Libraries
The University Libraries held library
tours and meetings with delegates at
the regional and international level that
included: the American Ambassador,
the French Ambassador, a Chinese
delegation from Ningxia University,
the Japanese Minister, the Chief Editor
of Al Arabiya News Channel, a Qatar
University delegation, and the Executive
Director of UAE Prime Minister’s
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017