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UAEU Annual Report
Hopkins University School of Advanced
International Studies, USA. The purpose
of the MOU is to establish a framework
of cooperation between the two
parties in the areas of legal and civic
education, development of legal clinics,
legal advocacy, access to justice, labor
rights and the rights of vulnerable
groups, including the elderly, legal
reforms and recent developments in
the field of law in general.
• The College of Humanities and
Social Sciences signed a MOU with
the Chinese University of Ningxia
that includes conducting academic
research between faculty and
exchange visits between the faculty
and students, as well as organizing
joint seminars and conferences.
of staff and students, and delivery
of faculty seminars on medical and
scientific topics, with the National
University of Malaysia, University
of Cincinnati, George Washington
University, EWHA University of Korea,
and with local health organizations
like the Abu Dhabi Health Services
Company (SEHA), the Health Authority
of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), Dubai Health
Authority (DHA), and Oasis Hospital
in Al Ain. Adjunct academic have
been appointed from several of these
organizations to participate in our
teaching and research activities, and
to act as mentors for our medical
undergraduates and postgraduates.
• The College of Law signed a MOU
with the Protection Project of the Johns
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017